Brexit Likely To Increase Workload For Britain’s Accountants

Euros BrexitAccountants will be busier, but not always in the way they would like

On the 23 June 2016, the people of Britain voted to leave the EU. Immediately, the value of sterling plummeted, then the UK’s credit rating was downgraded by two different agencies. The FTSE fell, then rallied, but things remain in a state of flux. Nobody really knows what will happen to the economy.

At times like these, individuals and businesses are likely to turn to accountants for advice, and to help them prepare for the changes ahead. Accountants are likely to find their workload increasing, as clients get in touch for help and support. Linda Carr recommends that businesses should contact her accountants in Peterborough for post-Brexit support and advice.

New Regulatory Framework

The regulatory framework may well change as Britain leaves the EU, and the business community will expect accountants to be proactive in keeping up with changes in legislation. Clients are likely to want to have tight control on operating expenditure, and will need all the professional help they can get.

Changes In Tax Structure

So far, there have been no changes in the tax structure, but there is a good chance that some will occur. Accountants need to keep abreast of new developments, in order to provide useful and up-to-date advice.

Increased Demand For Exports

It is possible that the weak pound might benefit some exporters, with increased demand for their products. Accountants will have their work cut out providing advice to their clients on how to take advantage of this situation, while developing strategies to cope with a potential recovery in the value of sterling.

But It’s Not All Good News

However, in the uncertain post-Brexit business climate, it is likely that there will be a slowdown in new investments and projects. This will mean a reduction in the demand for higher-value transactional services. Depending on the nature of the accountancy practice, some firms might find themselves busier, but with a smaller proportion of high value work.

Whatever happens, we have now entered a period of rapid change and accountants will need to be alert and well-informed to make the most of the situation.

3 Simple Ways To Boost Building Productivity Today

Team bonding and team buildingMaking The Most Of Your Team

Three ways to boost productivity including innovative team building activities, efficient project management, removing distractions and time savers.

It’s an old saying, but very much a truism, that a company or organisation’s biggest asset is its people. It’s also true that it’s important to make the most of this asset in terms of boosting productivity; it contributes hugely to an organisation’s efficiency, and employees doing their jobs more effectively helps morale too.

A few ways to improve productivity:

Staff and Team Building

Fostering a culture of ‘we’re all in this together’ and working as one towards a common objective through team building activities helps staff feel valued and connected to the overall effort.

Showing interest in staff and helping them relate more to colleagues and getting to know others in the same organisation is very worthwhile. It’s particularly helpful in a larger concern where some people in different departments or working from different sites may not interact much on a daily basis.

Socialising is a good way of helping staff relations, but other activities specifically designed to help team building are worth considering especially if activities can be formulated that suit your team building objectives. While time honoured gatherings, such as bowling nights or paint balling days are popular, there are specialist team building companies who can help create an activity specifically suitable for your objectives.

These can range from fun, sociable activities to help people bond and get to know each other to more specific activities where people work in teams to achieve objectives, albeit still with an accent on sociability and enjoyment.

These activities enhance good staff relations which make a huge difference:

  • People work well with others with which they empathise
  • Motivated staff with good morale work efficiently without getting distracted
  • Staff working together and committed to the organisation are more likely to think creatively

Project Management

The old saying ‘the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time’ certainly applies to big projects. Ideally, they should be broken down into more manageable steps and each one given a deadline agreed on by those concerned, and everyone involved should understand the importance of their specific deadline being hit to dovetail with the rest of the project.

This helps prevent people being overwhelmed when a large project is in the offing, keeps communications open, and staff can focus better on a more immediate manageable task with a deadline.

Email and timesavers

Email can be a major distraction. If staff tend to respond to emails as soon as they arrive it can break concentration and flow on the tasks at hand, and far less is achieved than it would if a more disciplined approach to email and other distractions is applied.

A basic principle could be to only check email at certain points in the day; at other times the email software should be closed down to prevent the temptation of reacting when an email arrives.

Staff should be encouraged to adopt basic time saving procedures; rather than ad hoc ‘meetings’ with colleagues, specific times to get together and deal with specifics should be agreed on. Staff should be encouraged to adopt time saving actions where possible; for example, in regularly used software maybe there are some shortcuts that could be used?

Modern software, including popular commercial packages such as Microsoft Office, bristle with time saving features often overlooked by users, so some time spent checking help files and online user tips and advice could save a lot of time and thus boost productivity.

Improving productivity

Improving productivity is the holy grail of many commercial concerns as everyone wants their business to operate as efficiently as possible as it inevitably affects the bottom line, and staff can suffer a morale drop if they feel they’re not getting through workloads.

5 Ways to Combat Employee Theft

Employee theft can be a very critical issue for many companies and businesses. If you want know how you can combat it effectively, don’t worry, because we are going to share with you 5 effectives ways by which you will be able to punch employee theft in the face and get it out of the ring! Let’s see how you can combat it starting from today.

#1 – It’s Time To Filter:

You should always be looking for those rotten apples that can eventually steal from your store. And the worst part is that these bad apples can eventually infect the good ones, damaging your business team. One of the most effective measures you can take is to run a background screening complemented with a drug test for all the people you want to hire for your company.

Why? Because it’s a known fact that employees with a drug addiction have a higher risk of stealing from the company they work for. And as people say: “You can predict a persons’ behavior based on his past”. You need to keep your business team away from these rotten apples, because they can give you a huge headache. And the same happens with people who have been in jail before, they can cause problems in your business. We know it sounds hard, but it’s the truth.

#2 – Don’t Leave Your Employees Alone:

This is a simple one. One of the best ways of preventing employee theft is to have two or more employees in your company at once. Never leave only 1 alone, because this is when problems will start to appear. This will add an extra layer of protection to your company, therefore preventing these potential losses.

#3 – 1984:

Have you ever read that George Orwell’s novel 1984? If not, then it tells the history of a future where it’s ruled by a Big Brother, an entity who sees it all. And you should be the same in your company. Install a surveillance system, so your employees know they are being watched. By simply doing this, you can prevent employee theft by a large margin. So install this system as soon as possible and keep your employees observed.

#4 – Check The Trash:

This is a funny one. Did you know that there are employees who steal items from your company or store by putting them in the trash? You should set up a system that allows you to check the trash. For example, you can use transparent trash bags, so everyone can see the content.

#5 – Know Your Employees:

The best way to prevent employee theft is to know your employees. You need to establish bonds of trust and confidence with them, this is the best way to prevent this problematic situation. Just try to make them feel comfortable in your company, encourage them and just remind them that you are always watching.

These are our tips. Put them into practice and kick employee theft out of your business!


How Are Businesses Making Money from Instagram

Instagram is one of the hottest social networks nowadays. It’s getting lots of new users every single day, making their client case every time bigger and more diverse, which is beneficial for advertisers, like business owners.

If you want to get a proper insight on how businesses are banking hard from this social network, you are cordially invited to read this article from beginning till end. We are pretty sure that you will really enjoy it. It’s our promise.


Lots of businesses are using this social network to make money because it’s mainstream. It has a HUGE user base, and you can engage with it with plenty of ease. Because these users tend to comment, share and like publications they see, so you can get lots of exposure to your brand or business.

This is why so many people use this social network, because it allows you to promote your content to a huge audience for free. You can promote almost any kind of product, and in fact, that’s what people do: they promote their products or services. You can find businesses in all sorts of niches, starting with the most popular ones till arriving to adult niches for example.

There’s a market for everything here in Instagram, that’s why it has become the new sensation amongst business owners and advertisers. But now we are going one step further, so we can see more about the potential of Instagram.

Contacting Instagram Stars:

If you don’t want to wait till you have built a huge fan base, then you can always go the easy way: contact an instagram star. In fact, that’s what most brands do. Let’s suppose you are selling a fitness product, then the smartest way to market your products with almost instant results, would be by getting in contact with stars in this niche, so you can make a deal with them in order for them to promote your products. It’s as easy as that.

Just keep into account that these promotional campaigns can be very expensive, depending on how large the fan base is. But if you have a nice budget, you can do plenty of things with it. Because you can find many of these stars, and in exchange for money, they will promote your product to thousands over thousands of followers (even millions).

Another trick you can use to get the most out of this, is to make it “deliberate”. Like the start bought it from your store online and just gave his honest review. This seems to work the best, because it creates a bond of trust which will work very well for you. There are many ways in fact, but the best would be to track your results and create a refined strategy based on that information.

That’s how businesses are making money out of Instagram. And it’s time for you to join the club. Start today and let this social network fill your pockets!


5 of the Best Up-and-Coming Industries to Invest In

If you are looking for an idea to invest in, so you can generate great returns, then all you need to do is to stick to this article which is going to show you the best 5 industries you can invest in, so you can get the money rolling and counting the dollars!

Of course, every investment is attached to a certain degree of risk. But we are glad to say that these industries are quite safe, meaning that you can invest your money without problems, because you have high chances of receiving great returns.


The drones market is growing at an alarming rate. If you want to profit from this growing market, then you should start investing from now, because it simply won’t stop. And you have many ways to enter into this industry, because there are drones for all sorts of uses: recreational, racing, agriculture, surveillance, etc.

And it’s expected for this industry to grow even more in the US, once the regulations for drones are completed. In short: it’s a market that’s worth investing in. Because the demand is growing year by year, and new products are constantly needed in order to meet certain kinds of clients.

Virtual Reality Is Here:

Virtual reality is another industry that’s growing quite a lot in our times, and due to that it’s a great idea to invest into it.

In the past VR seemed like an impossible dream. It seemed like something that only belonged to fiction, but now it’s a reality and there are lots of people who are eager to purchase their own VR headset. There are even some companies that are investing heavily into integrating videogames to virtual reality, which would be a huge hit in fact. And a lot of people think that in 2016, the VR industry will have its first huge jump, so if you want to invest into this exotic industry, the best time to do it is now.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

This is another industry that’s growing quite a lot nowadays, and there are lots of smart investors who are doing the right thing and are funding these projects. For example, Machine Learning is one of the ramifications of AI that’s having a huge impact in industries, and it’s expected for it to grow even more this year and the ones that are about to come.

Food Tech:

Another lucrative industry to invest in. People nowadays want to buy smart kitchen products, that’s why there are so many startups around this industry, because it’s very lucrative and has an enormous potential growth. If you want to join the club, the best time to do it is now.

Corporate Wellness:

Another interesting industry. Companies are looking for ways to make their employees healthier, because it reduces healthcare costs and makes them more productive. This is an industry with a lot of potential, so if you want to invest into it, you will generate excellent returns.