If you are looking for an idea to invest in, so you can generate great returns, then all you need to do is to stick to this article which is going to show you the best 5 industries you can invest in, so you can get the money rolling and counting the dollars!

Of course, every investment is attached to a certain degree of risk. But we are glad to say that these industries are quite safe, meaning that you can invest your money without problems, because you have high chances of receiving great returns.


The drones market is growing at an alarming rate. If you want to profit from this growing market, then you should start investing from now, because it simply won’t stop. And you have many ways to enter into this industry, because there are drones for all sorts of uses: recreational, racing, agriculture, surveillance, etc.

And it’s expected for this industry to grow even more in the US, once the regulations for drones are completed. In short: it’s a market that’s worth investing in. Because the demand is growing year by year, and new products are constantly needed in order to meet certain kinds of clients.

Virtual Reality Is Here:

Virtual reality is another industry that’s growing quite a lot in our times, and due to that it’s a great idea to invest into it.

In the past VR seemed like an impossible dream. It seemed like something that only belonged to fiction, but now it’s a reality and there are lots of people who are eager to purchase their own VR headset. There are even some companies that are investing heavily into integrating videogames to virtual reality, which would be a huge hit in fact. And a lot of people think that in 2016, the VR industry will have its first huge jump, so if you want to invest into this exotic industry, the best time to do it is now.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

This is another industry that’s growing quite a lot nowadays, and there are lots of smart investors who are doing the right thing and are funding these projects. For example, Machine Learning is one of the ramifications of AI that’s having a huge impact in industries, and it’s expected for it to grow even more this year and the ones that are about to come.

Food Tech:

Another lucrative industry to invest in. People nowadays want to buy smart kitchen products, that’s why there are so many startups around this industry, because it’s very lucrative and has an enormous potential growth. If you want to join the club, the best time to do it is now.

Corporate Wellness:

Another interesting industry. Companies are looking for ways to make their employees healthier, because it reduces healthcare costs and makes them more productive. This is an industry with a lot of potential, so if you want to invest into it, you will generate excellent returns.