Employee theft can be a very critical issue for many companies and businesses. If you want know how you can combat it effectively, don’t worry, because we are going to share with you 5 effectives ways by which you will be able to punch employee theft in the face and get it out of the ring! Let’s see how you can combat it starting from today.

#1 – It’s Time To Filter:

You should always be looking for those rotten apples that can eventually steal from your store. And the worst part is that these bad apples can eventually infect the good ones, damaging your business team. One of the most effective measures you can take is to run a background screening complemented with a drug test for all the people you want to hire for your company.

Why? Because it’s a known fact that employees with a drug addiction have a higher risk of stealing from the company they work for. And as people say: “You can predict a persons’ behavior based on his past”. You need to keep your business team away from these rotten apples, because they can give you a huge headache. And the same happens with people who have been in jail before, they can cause problems in your business. We know it sounds hard, but it’s the truth.

#2 – Don’t Leave Your Employees Alone:

This is a simple one. One of the best ways of preventing employee theft is to have two or more employees in your company at once. Never leave only 1 alone, because this is when problems will start to appear. This will add an extra layer of protection to your company, therefore preventing these potential losses.

#3 – 1984:

Have you ever read that George Orwell’s novel 1984? If not, then it tells the history of a future where it’s ruled by a Big Brother, an entity who sees it all. And you should be the same in your company. Install a surveillance system, so your employees know they are being watched. By simply doing this, you can prevent employee theft by a large margin. So install this system as soon as possible and keep your employees observed.

#4 – Check The Trash:

This is a funny one. Did you know that there are employees who steal items from your company or store by putting them in the trash? You should set up a system that allows you to check the trash. For example, you can use transparent trash bags, so everyone can see the content.

#5 – Know Your Employees:

The best way to prevent employee theft is to know your employees. You need to establish bonds of trust and confidence with them, this is the best way to prevent this problematic situation. Just try to make them feel comfortable in your company, encourage them and just remind them that you are always watching.

These are our tips. Put them into practice and kick employee theft out of your business!